Puppy Essential Checklist

Cece & Parker

Your essential checklist for your puppy is one of the most important things you need when becoming a dog mom or dad. You see this is a huge responsibility and speaking from experience, I was not aware of the number of essentials I needed when CeCe was gifted to me. The excitement and emotions covered me as I first laid eyes on her, her size and cuteness captured me. Nonetheless, I was ready to take on the responsibility, that came with her.

CeCe as a Pupy

My first night with her was sleepless, as she was in a new home. From that night, I decided for CeCe to sleep in bed with me and I took her wherever I went. When I was unable to take her with me to work or running certain errands, I made sure to leave her with water, food, training pads, and toys. Yes, that was not enough as she cried while closing the door but as I returned home I smothered her with love. Becoming a dog mom has been such an exciting experience. I learned her likes and dislikes, personality, allergic reactions, and more.


During lockdown due to covid-19, I decided to adopt a puppy, so CeCe would have someone to play with. Parker is her name and might I add how much of a handful she was and still is. A completely different personality from CeCe but I was ready to take on the task once more. Luckily, the majority of essentials did not need to be purchased.

Parker as a puppy

Being a first-time pet owner can be a little overwhelming but having a checklist for your puppy is needed, that way you will be organized. Being a dog mom to a puppy will not be easy but with time and patience, you will get the hang of things.  We care and want only the best for our little fur babies. But enough of that here is a list of pet essentials you will need for your dog:

  1. Training Pads

These are a must-have and lifesaver. Training pads are mainly used to house train your puppy. These work fantastic as they absorb and cause no leaks.

  • Dog Bed

Beds usually keep your puppy warm and comfortable when relaxing or taking a nap

  1. Toys and storage

Puppies love to chew, so getting them toys will reduce the chance of your items being damaged. Baskets are essential to keep your area or place clean, tidy, and organized.


  • Clorox scent and pee remover spray

This is a staple you need to have. The urine remover works wonders and helps to get rid of any mistake our pup may make.

  1. Food Mat

Puppies tend to make a mess while eating or drinking. So to reduce the amount of mess you may need to clean up, having a mat will help.

  1. Swiffer wet and dry pet pads

These are lifesavers. The Swiffer Sweeper traps and locks pet hair on tiles or wooden floors, while the sweeper wet, cleans, and absorbs pet urine.


  • Food storage container

Another must-have staple to have on your checklist. This helps to save space, assist with keeping bugs out of your pet’s food and helps to keep moisture and humidity out.

  1. Dog collar, leash, name tag & harness

These four items are at the top of your checklist. I suggest using your harness when taking your pet for a walk, so no harm is done if they attempt to run after other animals, etc. Your name tag is just a precaution, in case your pet happens to get lost and they can be safely returned to you.

  1. Shampoo & towels

Oat shampoos are always great for dogs who have dry scalp. If you live in a humid area just like Barbados,  this would be perfect for you.


  1. Treats

Not to be given every day, treats are just a small snack to give your pet as a reminder of how good they have been. Others use them when training their pet

  1. Puppy Chow

To feed your puppy, when she or he gets hungry but beware to never overfeed your pet.

  1. Dog Bowls

Used inside or outside, these bowls come in a variety of sizes to suit your puppies needes.

  1. Dog carrier- Plastic or hard

A carrier comes in handy if you need to travel with your pet for easy transport

  • Crate

These crates come in a variety of sizes and enough space to place a dog bed inside, so your pet is secure, cozy, and comfortable

  1. Dog waste bag with leash clip and bag dispenser

Helps you to dispose of your dog’s feces if your dog happens to use the bathroom

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