Road Trip Checklist For Dogs

Cece & Parker

Your road trip checklist for your dog is just as important, as your puppy essential checklist. So you’re looking to take a road trip, and decided to bring your pet along, but do you know what items you need before hitting the road? It’s ok if you don’t but what I will suggest, is having a checklist, so you are aware of the items you need, to guarantee and ensure the safety of your dog(s) and yourself.

I remembered the first time I took CeCe for a drive, but I never imagined what a task it would be. Staying still was a no but what came next was an ideal eye-opener, as she sneaked under my driver’s seat to climb into my lap.¬† The good news is, my vehicle was not in motion but at a red light.¬† After that experience, I decided to do some research on items needed, when having her in the car with me for both our safety. Since then I have been well prepared and have all the essentials needed when taking both her and Parker, for a drive.

Not too long ago, I decided to take them for a little drive and to capture some photos as this would have been a first for Parker. I was so excited yet nervous, to see how both would have reacted from CeCe now having to share with her sister, to Parker being taken on her first drive. When chosen locations I make sure enough space for both of them to run freely and little to no crowds, due to COVID-19.

Drives with Cece & Parker have sadly been on pause since the government announced the island will be going on lockdown for two weeks. Last week, that lockdown was extended to eleven days, to curb the spread of covid-19, in Barbados. Nonetheless, here are seven road trip must-haves, for your dogs:


Road Trip Checklist 

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover


  1. Pet waste bags with leash clip & bag dispenser

Vehicle seatbelt harness


Collapsible food and water bowls


Dog seat booster

Food, Treats & Water

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