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So many interesting yet fun facts about  Barbados from its history, culture, and beautiful beaches. Overall finding out new facts daily never seem to end. As a fellow Barbadian, I can honestly say that I learn new and fun facts about Barbados on daily basis. It wasn’t that long ago during a safari island tour, that I was notified and showed the sleeping giant. The giant is a rock formation, located on the east coast, in the parish of St. Andrew.

Sleeping Giant

Taking tours around the island is a great way to learn its history and a great way to learn new things, whether you’re a local or a tourist. While you’re at it and to add,  if you are a local or a tourist, is to take advantage of the many scenic tours that may also offer great packages. If you’re looking or interested in taking a tour around the island or wondering what are the top attractions to visit, make sure to take at my blog post Explore Barbados. In addition, I covered what you should pack for our trip to the island and the top breathtaking views you should visit.


A trip to one of our beautiful beaches on the island is a must add to your bucket list. Most if not all beaches are packed with fun activities for a fun-packed day with family and friends. However, I do ask that you abide by all rules and regulations, may it be signs or lifeguards, stationed at the beach, as your safety is our top priority.

Sancia at the beach



Barbados is a coral island while other islands are of volcanic origin

The island is home to the Barbados Concorde experience

The island is mostly flat with steep hills located on the eastern coastline

Barbados received its name from the island’s fig tree, known as the bearded one

Barbados Is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean

Wooden houses in Barbados are also known as chattel houses

Where is Barbados? Barbados is located in the southeastern of the Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles off St. Vincent.

Barbadian born and raised Mega-star Rihanna, moved to the United States to pressure her career at the young age of sixteen

Locals are referred to as Bajans or Barbadians

Mount Gay Rum made here on the island, is known as the best rum in the world

The island gained its independence from Britain on November 30th, 1966. In 2020, the government of Barbados announced its plan to remove Queen Elizabeth as the head of state, sometime in 2021

A well-known secret to Barbadians is the hot pot, located on Brighten beach, St. Michael.  The hot pot is where many go to enjoy a warm and relaxing sea bath. While visiting, please abide by all the safety rules.

Featured Image Credit: Berto’s Photography


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