Coping With Lockdown In Barbados

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Coping with lockdown in Barbados caused by COVID-19 was not easy for some of us, but we never expected what was about to happen. Now when I say the month of December was definitely one for the books, I mean it. As many of us were preparing for Christmas, others were busy planning on how to ring in the new year.  After the year we just had, I am sure everyone could not wait to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021.  December 31st 2020, the government held a press conference to inform us no parties or events will be allowed to ring in the New Year and a curfew was in effect from 8 pm. Only essential services were allowed to be on the road after that time.

In January, we were informed that we had reached the stage of community spread which was not a surprise to the public. To add, the country was going on  “pause” for two weeks commencing February 1st until the 17th. The program seek and save was created to seek those who may be Asymptomatic and who were experiencing covid-19 symptoms. Sadly we noticed our death toll raised and the number of positive cases compared to 2020. February 15th as the government addressed the country, Barbadians braced for a possible extension of the lockdown. It was extended for another two weeks, with the change that the upcoming weekend will be a FULL lockdown. This meant no one was allowed to leave home, except for essential workers.

Healthy Lifestyle & Skincare

I kept occupied during the lockdown, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by cooking and prepping home cook meals. I found working made me more flexible to complete various daily tasks, including waking up at  5:50 am to get myself ready for my workout program by Chloe ting. During the island’s first lockdown, I stumble across her videos through watching multiple YouTubers and decided to give her a try. My before and after results in a month blew my mind.

After my workout, I drink a cup of freshly sliced lemon and ginger tea, before eating breakfast. This helps with boosting my immune system and can be used as a detox tea. For breakfast, I prepared oats with little brown sugar just for taste with a cup of green tea no sugar. After, I followed up with a nice shower and skincare shortly after.

I suffer from hormonal acne and finding products to help with acne and my uneven skin tone has been difficult. Breakouts pop up and leave dark spots, which causes me to have low self-esteem. Luckily I stumbled across a product I received at Sephora in sample size and decided to give it another try. Thus far, I have nothing but good things to say including seeing my dark marks fade so I decided t purchase the o.5fl oz. On top of that, I took it upon myself to do some research on vitamins, that help with hormonal imbalance and hormonal acne.

My skincare routine is pretty simple, I use my cleanser twice a day meaning morning and night, follow up with a toner, serum and or gel, moisturizer, and SPF 50. I apply a spot treatment to rid of current breakouts or pimples I may have to the affected area. The key ingredient is salicylic acid, so a little sting is expected but quickly goes away. Directions asked that you at least apply it to the affected area three times a day.

Coping During lockdown

Starting my day during lockdown was pretty simple but on the outside, the movement was somewhat restricted as we were only able to leave home if we are conducting business at an essential business. This leads me to find areas within my home to take photos, but creating spaces for content has opened up my creative side to home decor. This time home has allowed me to spend more time with CeCe & Parker, which I have been truly grateful for. In addition, I was able to create fun content with both of them and educational blog posts for first-time pet owners.

Keeping occupied and passing time during the lockdown in Barbados was easy for me, as I worked remotely from home. As work comes to an end, I resumed work with my blog and gathering content ideas. Sometimes, I may just find myself working until after 11 pm.

In addition, I was able to plan all future outfits for upcoming photoshoots during and after lockdown. I gain some inspiration from Pinterest, pertaining to different pieces I can add to an outfit. Video content comes naturally, but I do see lots of ideas on Instagram and TikTok.

Working from Home During Lockdown In Barbados

Barbados Reopening

March 1st the island commenced a soft reopening, allowing some businesses to operate within the curfew. Two weeks after the government allowed all businesses to reopen, with the exception of gyms and some sports, while curfew shifted from 6 am-7 pm to 6 am-9 pm.

The excitement I had as I heard hair salons were given the all-clear to reopen because your girl was in dire need of a relaxer, treatment, and color. Be sure to check out my lockdown transformation video on tik tok. In addition, to reopening,  I am extremely happy and grateful that I am now able to resume taking content outside. I truly love capturing the beauty of my surroundings in photos and continue showing you how beautiful Barbados is.

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