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Worthing Square Sign

If you are looking for a chill spot with a wide variety of food, drinks, and music in Barbados, I have you covered. Worthing square garden is the new chill spot to hang out with friends, family, or a night with babe. Located in Worthing Park, you have 16 food trucks offering a wide variety of food trucks offering a wide range of cuisine from local, Trinidadian, authentic Venezuelan food, healthy food, and more.

Upon arrival, you will be met with the lovely aroma of food, music but most importantly a sign asking you to sanitize upon entry and to wear your mask. After that, you have the option to choose what you are in the mood for.

Feeling a little thirsty? You can make your way to the mount gay rum truck, which offers a wide range of drinks and cocktails. For the coffee lovers, you are not left out as Italia coffee has a truck as well offering you a wide range of cold and hot beverages.

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Kitchen Noir

My personal favorite was Kitchen Noir, as they offered a contactless menu. Customers can access the menu by scanning the QR code with their smartphone, where you can view the digital menu. I thought that was rather unique as it replaces having to touch a physical menu. I ordered the Once I placed my order it took about 15 minutes to be prepared so I decided to take a walk around the area.

What I did notice was seating was a bit difficult to find as most people were “holding’ a seat for friends and family or removing chairs from tables to place at another table with many friends. Nonetheless, it gave me a chance to enjoy the atmosphere, music, and exciting menus.

Did I ever say what I ordered from Kitchen Noir?

I ordered the honey BBQ wings platter which comes with seven wings served with fries and a tossed salad. I am an extremely picky eater, but this meal was delicious and cooked to perfection.


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Just recently, I had the chance to visit frii guys and while I am not much of a fries lover, my meal from them was indeed delicious. I was greeted with a warm and welcoming hello and the gentleman politely asked what I would like to order. My boyfriend ordered the fries with boneless wings no salad and I wanted the braised pulled chicken with fries, salad, and bbq sauce.  Our meal merely took around 10 mins or so to be completed and we were both extremely satisfied with our meal. So much so that I definitely can not wait to try them again upon our next visit.

For more information on Worthing Square Garden, and all food trucks that are at the location,  be sure to check them on Instagram & Facebook!

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